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PWN-221 Back Door Contriband

by on Sep.05, 2014, under Podcast

A wet scary drive home from a secret rendezvous behind a dumpster in a shady part of town. Prepping for the big trip to Las Vegas. Musing Mark moves minorly. People are driving far too fast for the weather conditions – and I don’t mean ME, of course. What are the Hello Waffles boys up to for Pride 48 Las Vegas? Capturing big fat metrics. I swear alot in this episode.

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Musing Mark:

Ranger John:

Hello Waffles:

Big Fatty:

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Follow @Pride48Shuttle on Twitter and send a Direct Message, or send an e-mail to Pride48Shuttle [at] PinkWheelnuts [dot] com with your ride request.

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PWN-217 Swing a Hammer

by on Jul.23, 2014, under Podcast

A vacation from work but working hard at the Castle. Construction workers are banging and pounding around me. Dad’s house is SOLD! Fey gets a Finger test. The BMW diagnostic computer is ready. Lots of Pride 48 Las Vegas information:

The Pride48 Shuttle will be in operation during the Pride48 Las Vegas 2014 weekend from September 17 to September 22.

To make a request for a ride, please do the following:

Send your request by e-mail to or follow @Pride48Shuttle on Twitter and send a Direct Message with the following information:

Date of ride
Time you would like to be picked up (please consider time for disembarking and retrieving luggage).
Origin Location
Destination Location
Number of Passengers
If airport pickup, provide Airline and Flight# so the Pride48 Shuttle can check if your flight is delayed.

Pride48 Shuttle volunteer drivers can e-mail to notify of your interest to pick up Pride48 Las Vegas participants.

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PWN-209 Vegas Lock Up Your Sons

by on Apr.10, 2014, under Podcast

The SpyCar goes in for service. Mr Anderson and I are both sick. My Dad stops by for a visit. All About Ed needs a lesson. I make a BIG announcement!

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Its All About M.E.:

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PWN-208 Toothpick Salesmen

by on Apr.04, 2014, under Podcast

A downtown run in Manuel while we work out some details for future travel plans to Pride 48 Las Vegas 2014. Musing Mark leaves us with a cliffhanger! Ranger John has hub issues. Hello Waffles ends his March Madness month of podcasting – or does he???!!!

Mentioned on this episode:

Musing Mark:

Kalvin & JR:

Ranger John of “On the DF”:

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PWN-160 P48 2012 Shuttle Run 4 – Eric and Brenda Boo

by on Sep.30, 2012, under Podcast

Another Shuttle Run??!! This time Musing Mark and Fey transport the Homecoming King and Queen of Pride 48: Eric & Brenda Boo! (I laughed so hard while I was editing this that tears were streaming down my face.) Explicit Tag courtesy of Brenda Boo.

Find these people at:

Eric and Brenda Boo:

The Assistant (played by Mark in Canada):

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PWN-159 P48 2012 Shuttle Run 3 – Melinda and That Peter G!

by on Sep.29, 2012, under Podcast

Another Shuttle Run from Pride 48 Las Vegas. This episode our guests are Melinda (from Somes Bar) and That Peter G!

Find That Peter G at: (also available in iTunes).

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PWN-158 P48 2012 Shuttle Run 2 – Jay n Ron – TJ – Wes Stone

by on Sep.28, 2012, under Podcast

In search of a cheap breakfast with Jay the Hauntcub and his partner Ron. We take a Shuttle run to collect ZombieGurlTJ (TJ from Nowhere) and Dr Wes Pythagoras Stone. Also a car question about manufacturer’s list price.

Find them at:
Jay the Hauntcub:

TJ from Nowhere:

Wes Stone:

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PWN-157 P48 2012 Shuttle Run 1 – Dubious Intent Plus

by on Sep.26, 2012, under Podcast

The first of many Shuttle runs starring the Amazing Daniel Brewer and Unflappable Adam Burns from Dubious Intent Plus!

Find them at:

Dubious Intent Plus:

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PWN-155 Happiness Setting Theme Music

by on Sep.18, 2012, under Podcast

The Laffing Buddha has predestinately bestowed upon us the theme song for the “Happiness Setting” question of the month.

The Laughing Buddha:

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PWN-154 P48 2012 Travelogue 1

by on Sep.08, 2012, under Podcast

P48 Travelogue 1 – Sneaking Away to the Carwash.
A short update on the progress of the Pride48 Shuttle as it makes its way down to Las Vegas. Mr Anderson and MaxTheDog join me and make big messes in the Shuttle. Fuel price competition. Then it just gets a bit rambly.

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