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PWNG-086 4WD and Ethanol Fallicy

by on Jan.05, 2022, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorFey takes a run in the TowMonster on a cold snowy day to discuss 4 wheel drive driving practices versus all wheel drive driving in snow or on slippery surfaces. Scotty the Aussie Battler asks about ethanol fuels.

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  • Robert White

    E85 is 85% ethanol – NOT 15% ethanol. E85 is not gasoline, it is an alternative fuel for flex fuel vehicles (FFVs). Please correct for your listeners!

    Ethanol is not corrosive to vehicles made in the last 40 years, but it is specific to the blend. E10 (10% ethanol) can be used in any engine. E15 (15% ethanol) can be used in any vehicle 2001 and newer. E85 (85% ethanol) can be used in flex fuel vehicles (FFVs), or vehicles converted to support the high blend.

    Ethanol does NOT absorb water out of the air, and absolutely no proof of that in a closed fuel system. That said, one of our national laboratories did a true test with an open air system to see if this would happen. Guess what, it didn’t. In fact, 30% of the fuel evaporated first. IF there is water in the tank that came in via gasoline (common to have water tables in ethanol-free gas tanks), the ethanol allows that water to be removed. It also serves as a gasoline antifreeze.

    If half the information you are stating was true, the highways and streets would be littered with broken down vehicles and they are not.

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