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Join Fey and Brenda as they discuss the Deliverator’s last pizza delivery.

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PWN Garage DoorRT Cruisers tells us about his automotive tribulations and other wheeled parambulators. Scotty talks about his new job and another daliance with the SuperSamoan. We follow up with Toppie Smellie and his oil problems. Brenda Boo has a check engine light activate. RT Cruiser and Fey discuss what drew them to their current cars. A secret is revealed about Fey’s garage procedures.

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An homage to the Deliverator. I discuss future car buying options.

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More wedding crap. Family strife. I need music. Traffic jams me up. Toppie, Toppie! Wake Up!! Mr Anderson is a slave driver. I share some work stresses and preach about gender and sexuality. And finally, a sad confession.

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An update on the goings-on around the Castle. Morning rush hour drivers breaking the law. Gigantic rearview mirrors drive me crazy. Wedding plans need my attention. KC in Denver’s computer e-mails me. Pride 48 marathon is coming from June 21-23, 2013 on

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A leisurely drive with little to do and little to say, except for the following important topics. A question for Poodle McNoodle. Big Christian wedding news. A thought and a song for Buddy Rabbit and MooseP.

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A quick little post-vacation update. I’m off to see the BatGirl and her new beau for breakfast. We need a name for him – please submit your ideas to podcast [at] A pleasant music surprise at the end, courtesy The Laffing Buddha.

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Starting out on a cold morning I encounter many roadblocks to having fun. I respond to an oil question from Dennis in Colorado Springs. Shouts out to some new and some old listeners – Jim from Wilmington, Kirk in Lovieland. Tumblr gives me cause – thanks BEEFRANCK! Thinking about TJ from Nowhere and Kathy Bacon. A re-introduction to the Pink Wheelnuts Podcast.

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Its a yard-working weekend in the beautiful April sun. Mr Anderson and I rip out a bunch of trees and lawn. Switzerland’s Tarzan makes an appearance. I’m off to the parts store for a new caliper for Little Green Truck with a Big Heart. Then I blather on about owning a house. I need to visit my chiropractor and not just because I have a sore back.

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Quick update on the activities around The Castle. Happy and proud that my house floor project is finished! Some shouts out to certain listeners. Join me and various guests on the Pink Wheelnuts Garage this Friday at 7:00PM ET on I like Justin Bieber. Listen for some bird calls and an Easter Egg for Radio George at the end.

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