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Monthly Archives: January 2022

PWN Garage DoorFey attacks the Tesla again and explains the Tesla philosophy of putting all controls in a central interface. The interface has confusing opposite terms to indicate active functions. Sick of hearing about Full Self Drive Beta and an incident where a Tesla didn’t run over a bicyclist. Absolving Tesla drivers of all responsibility and crowd sourcing autonomous driving research.

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PWN Garage DoorFey makes a retraction about ethanol fuels. All opinions stated herein are opinions and may not necessarily be facts. Tesla gets an un-needed software update to Version 11. Fey complains bitterly about Tesla owners and his Tesla Model 3.

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PWN Garage DoorFey takes a run in the TowMonster on a cold snowy day to discuss 4 wheel drive driving practices versus all wheel drive driving in snow or on slippery surfaces. Scotty the Aussie Battler asks about ethanol fuels.

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