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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Fey is riled up as he takes a rattley ride in Zpeedy Gonzales. Father is oblivious to the dangers of Covid-19. Scotty wants to send Dad to the mall. Deal number 1 for the house sale falls through. Deal number 2 is active and progressing well. Some concerns with the economy makes waiting for an approved house sale anxiety ridden. Scotty The Little Aussie Battler calls in several times with various comments. Fey finally fixes his garage door opener.

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Scotty The Little Aussie Battler:

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I am not playing voicemails from Scotty the Little Aussie Battler. It’s a cold clear morning with some exciting news. Fey talks about a video on an audio podcast. Realtors keep hiding his Kleenex. Fey lives through a Used Car Salesman’s Dream. Fey talks about the wacky real estate market in Vancouver.

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