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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Some car talk: RT Cruiser gets a new car! RangerJohn disposed of a Fiat 500 and gets a Volkswagen Beetle. Fey rambles about neutral safety switches. FreakQuincy flies by the seat of his pants. Fey discusses the future master plan for life. KCinDenver and his husband announce their retirement. Does a red car attract the police? Some positive thoughts for Sam in the Hinterlands.

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Fey and Brenda come out of retirement to talk about retirement and vacations. Brenda defends herself against an elderly woman. Some talk about homely looking musical superstars from the 70’s. Brenda talks about her vacation to Portland and Fey talks about his vacation to the north. Fey quits work and proposes living in a 256 sq ft space with his husband. Some breakfast talk and Fey and Brenda get haircuts. Death, dismemberment and disability. Fey lays out his future retirement plans.

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