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Monthly Archives: February 2011

We start the show on mushy tires. See some cool shots on Toppie Smellie’s website. Bridget loves me. I can whore myself out nearly as good as Satyr69. Mother Anderson and her sister come for a visit while I enjoy an impromptu holiday. NPR is “euthanizing” “National Publiic Radio.”

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Do you know what YOUR favourite word is? Check out the smellcast to hear an interview with ME on episode #153. I met a listener: Dale in Vancouver. The Fey Construction Worker installs a garage door opener, and gets an ominous call from work!

Toppie Smellie:

Dale in Vancouver:

Virga (n) “VER-guh”: wisps of precipitation evaporating before reaching the ground.

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Peanut butter in the jam responses. Be kind to your catalytic converter. Don’t buy a house unless you like fixing things. Toppie Smellie is back but The Daily Purge is dead? How do you heat your hot water? I like it ribbed. Nessa makes me proud.

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I mostly just ramble on about nothing and get stalemated. More on the great peanut butter debate. Mr Anderson finds my dream house. You can stop listening after the scream if you’re not interested in the music.

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