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Monthly Archives: May 2010

This is a mostly music podcast as we head out for a trip east. Just relax, buckle your seatbelt and settle in for the drive.

Once again I gush about some podcasting friends then stay upbeat on the topic of death!

Check out these guys:
Archer –
Arthur the AmerinNZ –
Musings of a Tech Writer – http://markncanada.blogspot
The SmellCast –
RadioLab –

Find out what the definition of a fey driver is. I steal a listener from Big Fatty, then we listen as the gardener tries to kill a lawnmower. I dedicate a song to the BF.

A bright but cloudy day for an update on the new garage, err, I mean house. I have knuckle issues, and its the Big REVEAL! Hello to Austin, Texas and any other new listeners!

I make a couple of announcements, some sad and some happy. To caffeinate or de-caffeinate – that is the question. A brief history of Tim Horton. Car flags are stupid. We listen to some boobalachuckala music. Bridget expands her multinational podcasting conglomerate via Then I drop a bombshell.