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PWN-397 Ima Chauffeur You

by on Feb.26, 2022, under Podcast

Fey has a false start in the Tesla and talks about his recently deceased aunt and her very British upbringing. Fey describes Grandma’s elaborate Vancouver house with the Spider Furnace. Fey talks about his new volunteer work as a driver to take seniors to their medical appointments. Zoom meetings challenge the old people. ThatPeterG brings up the concept of car companies forcing car owners to subscribe to services such as heated seats and heated steering wheels.

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PWNG-088 Last Tesla Rant

by on Jan.27, 2022, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorFey attacks the Tesla again and explains the Tesla philosophy of putting all controls in a central interface. The interface has confusing opposite terms to indicate active functions. Sick of hearing about Full Self Drive Beta and an incident where a Tesla didn’t run over a bicyclist. Absolving Tesla drivers of all responsibility and crowd sourcing autonomous driving research.

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PWNG-087 More Tesla Complaints

by on Jan.21, 2022, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorFey makes a retraction about ethanol fuels. All opinions stated herein are opinions and may not necessarily be facts. Tesla gets an un-needed software update to Version 11. Fey complains bitterly about Tesla owners and his Tesla Model 3.

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PWNG-086 4WD and Ethanol Fallicy

by on Jan.05, 2022, under Garage, Podcast

PWN Garage DoorFey takes a run in the TowMonster on a cold snowy day to discuss 4 wheel drive driving practices versus all wheel drive driving in snow or on slippery surfaces. Scotty the Aussie Battler asks about ethanol fuels.

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PWN-396 Cabin Fever

by on Dec.31, 2021, under Podcast

A snowy day run for some chores while Fey talks about Christmas Dinner fixins and trying to get through the doldrums of two years of solitude. Happy Birthday to LaffingBuddha and thanks to Christmas card senders. Fey is back at the bush-wacking snow-blowing.

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PWN-395 2021 Christmas Day Run

by on Dec.25, 2021, under Podcast

Fey takes the electric car out for the 2021 Christmas Day Run and talks about the CD players and the horrible Apple Music app. Don’t look behind this curtain. Fey and Mr Anderson approach 24 years of tinfoil usage. Christmas will be a small turkey dinner affair at home.

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PWN-394 Fresh Snow

by on Dec.08, 2021, under Podcast

Fey’s anti-lock brakes kick in on a snowy brake test. On a grocery run Fey talks about rusty brakes and filling the garage with gas fumes. Scotty the Little Aussie Battler wants advice on what car to buy. Fey rails against China. Fey puts up his Christmas Lights.

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PWN-393 The Dead Red Chev

by on Nov.25, 2021, under Podcast

Fey is on his way to help Mother Andersen with her forthcoming new carpet. Brenda Boo gets a new car!! Fey talks about Brenda’s old red Chevy S-10 which she traded for a 2020 Hyundai Venue small SUV/Crossover. Fey talks about the severe storms, floods and landslides in British Columbia and the shortages of gas, milk, eggs and veggies.

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by on Nov.18, 2021, under Podcast

Fey heads out on a roadtrip and talks about his retirement dinner and plays a voicemail from Scotty the Little Aussie Battler. Scotty asks about high car prices due to supply chain issues. Fey discusses his presentation at the retirement dinner.

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PWN-391 Winter Prep

by on Nov.13, 2021, under Podcast

Fey gets the snowblower out of storage in preparation for the winter. Fey talks about the Tesla’s energy consumption and software updates. Fey prepares for a retirement honorific.

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